Trakon Island

Trakon is a small island far away from the empires that play big roles in the world. It used to be a hideout for a large group of goblin pirates until humans came to settle the island close to two hundred years ago. The humans – descendants of the Nerath Empire which was known for its military prowess – had little trouble clearing the island of its goblin overlords. They founded only one settlement before spreading out to different islands: the port town of Shor. A small group stayed behind and carved out a way of life on the island.

During the two centuries that followed many other races found their way to Trakon. Nowadays you’re equally likely to see a dwarf, a Halfling or a gnome walking the streets of Shor. The past year has seen an increase of elven travelers. Most of them only stay for a few days before sailing to other destinations, but the occasional one decides to stay on the island. There are rumors that the increase of elven visitors is because of the island has recently been claimed by the Second Celestial Empire of Elvenkind. Those rumors are true of course, but the small island of Trakon is so far away from any other form of civilization that news reaches its shores slowly.

The most important of all settlers to arrive during these last two centuries is by far Cirothe. Also known as the Bringer-of-Ashes, Cirothe is a red dragon who has claimed the island as his territory. He has established himself as Trakon’s overlord but he keeps away from the town of Shor and its inhabitants. Some people say he keeps away because he has more important things to see to, but others speak of a pact between the mayor of Shor and the red dragon. Magistrate Alvanik – the current mayor of Shor – has so far denied all of these rumors.

A Brief Timeline

-200: Io the Nine-fold Dragon falls in battle against the Terror King. Bahamut and Tiamat become deities.
-100: Bahamut allows other deities to gain influence. Other races settle on the world.
-50: The First War breaks out between the empires of Arkhosia and Malak.
-01: The First War ends, with Arkhosia as the victor.
0: The Celestial Empire of Elvenkind is formed.
54: First mention of Trakon in a strategic overview of Arkhosian domains.
65: The Empire of Arkhosia is absorbed into the Celestial Empire of Elvenkind.
200: The Celestial Empire of Elvenkind is dissolved.
303: Trakon is mentioned in an anonymous travel journey as an “inhospitable island void of all life.”
350 (est.): Goblin pirates settle on Trakon.
442: The goblin pirates are driven away and humans settle the island. The port town of Shor is founded.
444: The goblins launch a raid on Shor in revenge. Shor is completely burned down.
445: Shor finishes rebuilding.
459: Dwarves of the Gemhand clan found the first official dwarven trade post of the region in Shor.
498: Shor counts more than 1,000 citizens.
536: First sighting of Cirothe the Bringer-of-Ashes.
622: The Kzandro’s Folly crashes on the island during a freak storm.
630: Magistrate Alvanik takes office as the mayor of Shor.
637: Three young children leave town to explore Salamander Hill. They never return.
640: Word reaches Shor that the Second Celestial Empire has been founded
641 (Present Year): the volcano on the island becomes active for the first time in centuries.

Trakon Island

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